India Young Professionals Scheme Visa - UK

Entering the ballot

Explore the newly launched UK Visa for Indians: UK visas and immigration department has recently launched a new scheme exclusively for young Indian professionals and the following are the details.

Age Criteria: 18 years to 30 years
Educational Criteria: Graduate
Visa Duration: 2 years
Work Criteria : No work restrictions for 2 years
After 2 years : You must have a sponsorship job in hand to settle long term in the UK.
Visa Cost : £259
IHS Cost: £940
Qualification Comparison process : £170 ( )
Amount to show as funds – £2530

Travel Restrictions : No travel Restrictions, can have multiple entries and exit within visa duration.

How to apply?

Stage 1. Participate in Ballot ( No Cost )
Stage 2. Once the application has been selected in a random process, an email confirmation will be sent within 3 weeks
Stage 3. Then the applicant needs to apply for the visa.
Stage 4. Once the visa application is successful, the applicant should travel to the UK within 6 months.

How to register for the Ballot?

The registration for the ballots of the young Indian proffessionals UK visa will be open from 28 February 2023 2:30pm IST to
2 March 2:30pm IST.

The applicant must register for the ballot online through the link given below within the above specified timeline. The below details should be provided in the application. 

date of birth
passport details
a scan or photo of your passport
phone number
email address

Please note, there are no registration or any other fees applicable until this stage. The applicant only needs to pay the Visa fees(£259) and IHS(£940) once selected in the ballot.

Use the below link to enter the ballot to apply for a visa for the India Young Professionals Scheme visa.

Please note, the next ballot will only open at 2:30pm (IST) on 28 February 2023, and close at 2:30pm (IST) on 2 March 2023.

For further details, please visit

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Am interested to work in uk

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