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Youth mobility scheme

The next ballot will be open at 1.30 pm IST on 25th July 2023 (Tuesday) and close at 1.30 pm IST on 27th July (Thursday).

To enter the ballot, you need to provide the following:


Date of birth

Passport details

Scanned copy of your passport

Phone number

Email address

The successful ballots will be picked randomly, you will be sent the results by e-mail within 2 weeks.

You don’t need to pay for entering the ballot. You should only enter the ballot if you plan to apply for the visa which costs £259, and are able to meet the financial, educational, and other requirements.

Only 3000 places were available for India and most of the places were given in the February ballot. So only the remaining will places will be given this time.

How to apply?

Stage 1: Complete the ballot(free)

Stage 2: wait for the email

Stage 3: If you’re selected(when you receive the email), apply for the visa with the fees.

Stage 4: once the visa application is successful, you should travel within 6 months.

Please use the link below for the application

Please note: you will not find the application now as the ballot will only be available from 1.30 on the 25th for 48 hours.

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