Will opening two current accounts/savings bank account in different banks in the UK affect credit history adversely in future?

Opening two or more current account clmay not affect your credit score.

However, your debts like credit cards, overdrafts etc, and due payment of the bills will affect the credit score.

It is best to open a bank account with a reputed high street bank like Barclays, HSBC etc.

What’s the best way to send parcel from India to the UK?

The cheap and best way the Indian Postal service. Will only cost around
725 Rs/Kg including tax. You will get it here in UK in 2weeks time through parcel force.Almost same rate is for Bluedart also.

How to apply for UK driving licence? and when?

The easiest method is go to post office, ask for a driving license form. Fill it and put your BRP/passport in an envelope and post to DVLA.

You’ll get your provisional license and the ID you sent in about 4-6 weeks

Once you receive provisional license, apply for a theory test and pass it. There’s an application on play store/ app store for £5. All the questions would be asked form that app only.

Once you pass the theory test, apply for a practical test(road test). Once you’ve booked for a practical test, then find an instructor in that area and attend classes, tyen attend exam… If you’re lucky enough and be careful, you can pass on the first attempt itself.

DVLA says you have to wait 6 months to apply for provisional licence. But I have frnds who applied for it just after a month they’ve arrived and received their provisional license. So they don’t exactly check this 6 month period in my experience.

I am having full-time employment and would like to open a bank account.
Which bank is best for getting credit card and personal loan?

Open your bank account with any high street bank the big ones are NatWest, Barclays , Halifax and HSBC. It doesn’t really matter where do you start your account and don’t think about getting credit card and personal loan from there in the first place
Now getting credit card and loan are all based on your credit score at that time. So try and build a good credit score before you even think about applying for a credit card and personal loan
In my opinion You can get cheap loans from third parties like AA loans,Tesco finance,Sainsburys finance etc starting from 2.8%APR. From your bank it could be much higher. So my point is don’t worry about that when you start a bank account

How to deal with stress

Managing stress at work or workplace stress management is one of the main challenges faced all over the world. Causes of stress in the workplace could be different everywhere hence there is no one-point solution for dealing with work-related stress.

How to deal with challenges at work

If you started a new job in the UK which is not your area of interest at all; it is better you feedback to your employer so that they will be able to assist you further necessary training or shadowing opportunities

Make sure all the communications are effective and evidenced if possible which will help you for any hearings or meetings in the future.

Don’t forget that you are entitled to a stress-related sick note by the GP regardless of work-related stress or s for any other reason.

You will be able to seek advice from the citizens’ advice bureau, find a way forward, whatever the problem.

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Applied for renewal of BRP for my dependant and soon I received a message saying the application is successful.
whereas now its 1.5 months I didn’t receive BRP.
Is this normal or do I need to take any action?

If your BRP has not arrived within 10 working days
Contact the delivery company if either:

your BRP has not arrived within 10 working days of you getting your decision letter
you missed the delivery of your BRP

You’ll need:

the postcode of the address you gave in your application
the consignment number
Your consignment number is a 9 number code. You’ll usually have it in emails from courier company and UK Visas and Immigration’s BRP courier delivery team.

If you missed the delivery of your BRP, you must contact the courier company to arrange a new delivery time within 30 days or it will be returned to the Home Office.

Contact the courier company to track or rearrange the delivery of your BRP.

The delivery company will track your BRP and rearrange delivery, if needed.

You’ll need to tell the Home Office that your BRP has not arrived if:

you do not have a consignment number
Courier company is unable to help with your delivery question

For more details, https://www.gov.uk/biometric-residence-permits/getting-your-brp-if-you-applied-from-inside-the-uk

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