Carer’s job in the UK was also added to the shortage occupation list to meet the shortage of health care workers due to pandemics. Senior Care jobs were already added to the list earlier this year.

Finding a licensed employer is the key as employers need to have a sponsorship license in order to recruit overseas staff. If you are willing to spend time searching for jobs and be patient, you may find an employer which means you save a lot. It is essential to pay special attention whilst preparing your CV before sending it to the employer as it is important to mention all your skills in the CV. Please read the job description and amend the CV accordingly as it might vary for each job. Use the link below for the list of organizations licensed to sponsor workers on the Worker and Temporary Worker immigration routes.

Use the link below for the currently available vacancies across the UK, please note all the employers in this list may not possess the license to sponsor.

Job interview tips and questions

Interviewing for the job is the main barrier for most of us and always tend to look out for interview preparation tips. If you search for interview tips and questions, Interview skills, interview techniques, top interview tips, good interview techniques, etc. you may find various articles explaining interview guidance. However, the following are the key to a successful interview.

  • Listen to the question very carefully
  • Feel free to repeat the question if you did not understand the question.
  • Don’t feel shy, you can ask as many as you want until it is clear to you, please note down the points if necessary.
  • This is very important as it might create an impression that you will not do anything without clearly understanding. However, if your listening and speaking skills are poor, that’s a different situation and good communication is essential for all the jobs across UK.
  • Always remember to maintain the eye-to-eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Your body language is another key during the interview, avoid body language answers like nodding the head, shoulder shrugs etc. answer with YES/NO.
  • Remember, you may be desperate to get  this job and move to UK; However, the employer is looking for the right candidate with all the right skills.

Please bear in mind the Interviewer will be looking for the interview buzz words. So please be familiar with the following buzz words for interviews and understand in detail about them prior to the interview.


person-centered care or person-centered approach

Privacy and dignity

Health & Saftey

Infection control


What’s the difference between nursing homes and residential homes?

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