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Are you looking for support with job interviews in the UK for health and social care?

Social work, health, and care solutions will provide job interview support for health and social care professionals and carers.

Are you a qualified and passionate social worker who is looking for job opportunities in the UK?

Social Worker is on The UK Shortage Occupation list and offers a competitive salary for the right candidates. There are many local authorities and NHS trusts that offer sponsorship if you meet the job requirements.

Registration with UK Social Work regulatory bodies.

Social Work is a regulated profession, and ‘social worker’ is a legally protected title in the UK. You are required to register with social work regulatory bodies in the UK to practice as a social worker. Each regulatory body has its own guidance and requirements, and SWHCS will support you with this application process.

Supervised practice

If you have not practiced social work for more than 1 year, you are required to complete supervised practice under an experienced social worker to get registration with UK regulatory bodies. We have experienced social workers and Practice Educators in our team, and we will be able to offer you this support.

Training for securing social work jobs in the UK

The agency will provide extensive training and support to develop your knowledge and skills in the social work context UK. Training covers extensive areas including legislation in the UK, theories and models of social work, case studies, serious case reviews, assessments, and role plays.

Job applications and Support with Social Work interviews.

They will also support and guide you to apply for social work jobs and attend social work interviews. They will provide mock interviews to build up your confidence. Please note, they may charge you for certain services they offer and this website has no responsibility for any money transactions.

Please contact the agency at [email protected] for further details or visit

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